Why Trust KCMS


Founder/Senior Credit Specialist
KCMS Financial Group, LLC

Excellent Question… As the Founder, I started this Business because I personally was Scammed by a ​Credit Repair Company.

I founded KCMS Financial Group, LLC in 2012 because I personally was the Victim of a Credit Repair Scam. Like many others, my parents did not teach me about Credit or how important it was. So I hired a Credit Repair Company to help me with getting my Credit restored so I could buy a home. Unfortunately, 6 months and almost $2,000 later, not only would no one return my Calls, literally NOTHING changed on my Credit. I WAS SCAMMED!!! For that reason, I understand why people are reluctant to trust Credit Repair Companies. So I built my Business on a Foundation of Trust and Commitment so that I could help prevent others from having their hard earned money taken by “so-called” Credit Repair Companies.

Plus, we are the ONLY Credit Repair Company I know of that is 100% Honest with telling people UP-FRONT if we can help them or not. If we aren’t CONFIDENT that our Program will be in your best interest, then we will let you know that up-front to ensure you don’t waste your time or money

“Credit is EXTREMELY valuable because it has so much impact on our lives and finances. If you aren’t willing to invest in yourself, ​then why should you expect others to invest in you.”

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Founder/Senior Credit Specialist

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