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Our Mission: “To Assist Those that God Places in our Paths with ​Obtaining AND Maintaining Greater Financial and Credit Health”


Having Good Credit is MUCH more important than buying Houses, Cars, etc. It’s the first Step towards FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Having Good Credit means no more Pay Day Loans, qualifying for Lower Interest Rates, Lower Monthly Insurance Premiums, Higher Job Qualifications, Security Clearance, and so much more.


Partnering with our Team of Credit Experts at KCMS to assist you with Restoring your Credit is an INVESTMENT in yourself. Our Program is designed to help you achieve a Better Credit and Financial Position so you can SAVE money in the future.


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We do NOT dispute. We conduct a Full Audit to strive for the best Possible Results for our Family of Clients.


Our Program consists of both
Credit Repair AND Credit Education

Buying a Home, a Car, need Security Clearance or just want Better Credit…we are here for you.