100% Honest
Credit Evaluation Guarantee!!!

Unlike other Credit Repair Companies, you must be APPROVED to become a Member of the KCMS Family of Clients. We will need to Review your Credit Reports FIRST so we can Discuss your Credit needs with you in Detail.

I founded KCMS because I personally was Scammed by a Credit Repair Company. So I am BLATANTLY HONEST and will only Approve you into my Credit Program if I am CONFIDENT we can help. I treat all of my Clients like family, so during the Credit Evaluation, I may not recommend you for Credit Repair if I feel it would be a Waste of your Time or Money; but I will still provide you with Professional Credit Tips and Advice to help you reach your Credit and Financial Goals.


STEP 1: ​Obtain Your Credit Reports and Scores for ONLY $1.00

A Recent Copy of your Credit Reports & Scores from ALL 3 Bureaus is required. Since you are pulling your own reports, there is NO impact to your credit. (PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT accept Credit Karma​). Then Return to this page after obtaining your Credit Reports then Proceed to STEPS 2 and 3 Below…

Step 2: Provide your Credit Report Information Securely

After Completing Step 1 Above, Click the Link above to Securely Provide your Login information so I can Upload your Credit Reports then call you to discuss it in Detail. Again, if I am not CONFIDENT our Program can benefit you, I will be Honest and let you know Up-Front so that you do not Waste your Time or Money but may still be able to provide you with Professional Credit Advice to help Save you Money.

Step 3: Submit a $20.00 Fully Refundable Consultation Fee

Submit a $20.00, Fully-Refundable, Credit Evaluation Fee ($30 for Couples) which will be Credited towards your Fees when you Begin the Credit Program. It can also be Submitted via the Following:

Zelle to 817-271-6342
Apple Pay to 817-271-6342
VENMO to 817-271-6342 or @KCMS-FG
PayPal to 817-271-6342 or